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We have a large data-bank of Video, Documents, and audio files that have been saved from Ustream, YouTube, and LiveStream for the purpose and use as evidence and education.
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 This is a message to all the people threatening my life

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This is a message to all the people threatening my life Empty
PostSubject: This is a message to all the people threatening my life   This is a message to all the people threatening my life EmptyFri Sep 25, 2015 1:53 pm

This is a message to all the people threatening my life currently, it’s not the first time nor, will it be the last. You aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before. I wanted this to be as anonymous as possible.

First of all, the only reason people found, and watched the show was because of palmetto star as you did get correct. There are probably millions of people aware of his activities. Palmetto star has threatened to kill police and people based on their color, and even did so while on your show. He has brought attention to your room by being on it, and there are tons of people interested as it is part of a national headline, that you may be unaware of. He had been reported to the Federal Bureau of investigation's way before you had him on your show.

Long story short, the claim that I gave out any personal information of "empress" is emphatically incorrect.

There are 3 ways you guys are communicating on the videos, phone, a phone conference line, and google hangouts. If you add the YouTube video and chat area as well as the no-thiefs-allowed room & chat that makes five. Anyone who has access to a computer has access to the phone conference numbers, as they were posted publicly along with the access code to get in the conversation.

The numbers I called, were publicly available in a conference call that tons of people were on. I have no clue how many people publicly accessed it, its electronic they never go away. Since palmetto star has become part of a national story who knows how many. After the threats on my life during the show, I called a couple of them looking for empress' number, to clarify that she and palmetto star were or were not going to kill me as I was personally threatened as documented video proves. I knew I hit the right number when her phone rang on screen (proof can also be seen on cam, as she was holding the phone towards the live camera). There were tons of people watching and listening on and off the call.

You guys have acquired quite a bit of people since the threats to kill police and people based on their skin color, and then me. I help host a room that discourages this kind of behavior, heck we don’t even allow cussing. We do things the right & legal way. There will be no proof that I had anything to do with these claims. Claims are that I gave out her phone number, her address, Where she works etc. This is completely false. I have however gathered a ton of information to report this event. If you did nuffin wrong then you will have nothing to worry about.

You guys have made a ton of enemies by threatening police officers lives, and whites, the pink people, and mine.

I have many recorded conversations with police and agencies that prove, I always mute when it comes to private information that the person hadn’t released just on public video. It doesn’t exist. They claim that I put empress' number out to thousands of people out there, this didn’t happen, please show me where.

There is no proof, the agencies are the only ones and any agency that researches this will find this to be truth as all the electronic actions are recorded. The reason I am reporting it is because you have threatened my life, officer’s lives and people based on their skin color. Simple as that. And if you think I am the only one l.o.l. you are sadly mistaken.

It makes no sense to report on something that would end up getting myself in trouble.

There is a claim that I know where empress lives. I actually still don't, the calls to federal Bureau of investigations will verify actually quite the opposite. I will however find the recorded part where they gave the cross streets on live video and give to the authorities. I’m sure quite sure the federal Bureau of investigations & departments of Homeland security won’t need them. There is also a claim that I Sent people to the house which can be proven false, with all phone records as everything is electronically recorded. I Have called Atlanta Georgia 3 times in my life, and I did them all on recorded video. The first time was when talking to empress to ask her if they planned on still killing me. The second time was while calling to report the death threats. I called the Atlanta Police department.

They told me the information I had warranted the need to call the department of homeland security. I hung up and called departments of homeland security and left a message as recorded on live video. Now it is quite possible I called a couple of other Atlanta numbers from the public conference call in search of empress' number. I am not familiar with area codes but have provided the list of phone numbers in this report to the agencies. I called 3 or 4 numbers from the conference. Phone records will show when they were made,and they were made prior to finding empress' number. That was the last Atlanta call made before calling the agencies. After empress answered the phone I had no need to call any others.

The people on video these making threats from the ‘I am black supreme’ (iamblacksupreme) YouTube account seem to be confused that I don’t control the people commenting in their YouTube account and there are tons of pissed of people, and I don’t blame them for being pissed. The No-Thiefs-Allowed chat room is pretty much a clean environment, the occasional racists come in to watch because they hear there are people who want to kill police, and people of a certain color? All of the threatening comments, they are reading on video are from their YouTube comment section. Anytime there is racist remarks in our chatroom they are kicked out and /or banned, and have all the records to prove this.

We even go so far as to delete the any racist comments, as we run a very tight ship and hate all racists. They are trying to tie in what happens in other public places to the no-thiefs-allowed room. There is no connection as all records will prove and publicly available at any time. As far as Pete Santilli is concerned.... You Might want to be careful with any information from or by Mr. Santilli. I Highly encourage you to google the words Agent Pete Santilli. You just might be surprised what you find. Again goggle the words Agent Pete Santilli. The room I am a part of keeps it clean, but I Will admit, shows like yours make it very hard to do so.

Sorry this section of evidence went a little over, but long story short, I dindonuffin. Sorry if you really do have people trying to kill you, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me after what palmettos star and other have said, here's my recommendation, call the federal Bureau of investigations, and the department of homeland security. Now back to saving the world, one dindu at a time.....

Oh and FYI, Dindu’s, have no color, not sure where you get that it's racist.

We report more white Dindu’s than any other race. As evidenced if you’ve ever seen our ice cream truck picture, and if you actually look at all the videos in the archives.

Nothiefsallowed...... Out

*PS: I even got a haircut for you. Oh by the way this isn’t even my real face.
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This is a message to all the people threatening my life
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