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 Protesters training to shut down Clayton following Brown grand jury announcement

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PostSubject: Protesters training to shut down Clayton following Brown grand jury announcement   Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:58 pm

CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) – Protestors have announced a plan to shut down Clayton the first business day after the Brown grand jury announcment.
FOX 2′S Roche Madden was at a training session for demonstrators where they discussed the plan. The meeting was billed on Twitter as a mass meeting in which they would move their training into action.

There have been several meetings in the past days preparing for the grand jury’s decision in the police shooting death of Michael Brown. Some people will be full of rage if there is no indictment.

Organizers said at Thursday’s gathering the plan calls for hundreds if not thousands of protestors to show up in Clayton the first workday after the grand jury reaches a decision.
So, if it comes down Friday they plan to turn out in force Monday. If it happens Tuesday the demonstration would take place Wednesday.

They will meet in public green spaces. Smaller groups will fan out in Clayton and possibly take part in civil disobedience like shutting down the highway exits. There was discussion that if they tried to stop trials in courtrooms they could spend more time in jail for more than for just blocking traffic.

The idea is shutting down CLAYTON could hurt it economically. But, one organizer wants St. Louisans to know they don’t want violence.

“We want the people to know these meetings are about non- violence direct action. Some of it will be people talking people expressing themselves. There’s nothing we’re doing to try to create violence. We don’t want to diminish tension without there being change.” said Don’t Shoot Coalition Co-Chair Michael McPhearson.

These acts of civil disobedience may last only for a short time. Block the road for maybe only five minutes, mess up traffic and then go somewhere else.

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Protesters training to shut down Clayton following Brown grand jury announcement
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