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 Interview With the VanLessMan

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PostSubject: Interview With the VanLessMan   Interview With the VanLessMan EmptyFri Mar 13, 2015 8:34 pm

AKA Aaron Colyer @TruthCastersTV

1. Why join military and how do you feel about them now?

I joined the military at 17yrs old because I love my country n wanted to fight for freedom for others who couldn't fight. Like my little cousins, my niece, etc... I feel like I was young, dumb n full of cum and didn't know then what I know now, that our govt lies n sends you to die in wars based on lies for profits not freedom or democracy because we don't truly have that in America.

2. How & when were you introduced to the occupy movement and why do you continue to follow them?

I was introduced to occupy in 2011 after seeing footage of police pepper spraying peaceful protesters including women who were simply standing on the sidewalk and not doing anything but exercising their first amendment rights which I swore to die to protect. I continue to support occupy because I support the first amendment and because at least they are trying to confront corruption and injustice. Occupy Sandy in New Jersey fed between 600_1500 ppl per day plus did free demolition n mold remediation supported in part by VFWs. I guess I support occupy because I was there and have seen the work they have done to help others and to make America a better place for all.

3. Why did you denounce your whiteness and do you really believe in white privilege and that you are now black?

As far as renouncing my whiteness, I had a DNA test after my son was born and discovered I'm not actually "white" and of course white privilege exists, I have experienced it and have seen how as someone perceived to be white I was treated differently than others who weren't just being white ppl naturally look at and treat you different, that's white privilege. As far as being black, all people came from Africa. Adam n Eve weren't white, the Bible says God made Adam n Eve from the dirt, or clay, have ever seen white dirt or clay? I have not.

4. Do you follow Alex Jones? Do you get your news from other places?

I don't follow Alex Jones but he does/has/has had an impact on my awakening. I get my news from as many sources as possible, the Truth is usually somewhere in the middle, Jesus talked about the straight n narrow path, main stream media lies, hell Fox news sued for the right to lie to the American people, that set a precedent which all other msm follow. I started TruthCastersTV because news casters lie I speak truth.

5. “No One Left Behind, Org.” got shut down. Tell us about it.

Leave No One Behind is an OFFICIAL organization I founded after being ticketed in July 2014 for "habitating in a vehicle" 500yrds away from the old Alameda Naval Air Station that sits half empty while veterans die on the streets for lack of shelter. I founded Leave No One Behind because I was/have been left behind like so many others. I cancelled the 10/10/14 #LeaveNoOneBehind World Homeless Day event after that's from supporters of jonn lilyea and this ain't hell, threatened me n threatened to cause problems at the event and after I was libelled n
defamed and accused of fraud. I had received $35 in donations, I paid over $50 out of my own pocket for a banner and a t shirt for the event, I have receipts for everything. I refunded the donations and cancelled the event after being attacked by people claiming to be veterans while kicking another veteran (me) while he was down. Leave No One Behind is not JUST some catchy slogan, it's a way of life. I am a veteran, I still serve my country n the people even though I don't get va benefits or a paycheck.

6. What denomination are you a reverend for that wears a Muslim scarf, and how are you qualified?

I am a Universal Unitarian and ordained through two different organizations, I have a Pastoral Counseling Certificate and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. I founded Outside the Box Ministries in Seattle,Wa in 2009 and was a regional coordinator for Greg Laurie Seattle Harvest before walking away from the "church" to simply be the church, tired of playing church on Sundays while ppl dying on the streets. This was pre_occupy, after I helped shut down a $220 million dollar jail from being built with 150 bright pink tents sept 2008 at Nickelsville in Seattle, WA.
Plus, God ordained man for the work of the ministry, not man n not a piece of paper. As far as what kind of minister wears a Muslim prayer shawl, one who believes in God, Love and Justice, one who stands for righteousness simply because its right and because it was given to me as a gift from the Holy Land and the people of the Nation of Palestine. Muslims believe in Jesus Christ also, they are our brothers n sisters, they are NOT our enemies unless we kill their women, children, families, who wouldn't be our enemy if/ we did/do that? As Christians we qre to pray for our "enemies" not bomb them. We are to feed our enemies not commit genocide against them, we are to give them water not steal their oil, gold, resources, etc…

7. Had any interaction with a SWAT Team? If so tell us about it.

I have had multiple interactions with SWAT, was beaten by riot police, charged with riot horses, tear gassed, shot at with flash bangs and have even had terrorists with badges point a sniper rifle at my 5 day old sleeping son to kidnap him, take him hostage n hold him ransom. His mother was suffering post partum depression, she attacked me twice after falsely imprisoning me and I didn't want her to go to jail nor did I want to go to jail so after a lengthy discussion and seeing a red dot aimed at my sleeping sons body, I put him in his car seat n kissed him goodbye and gave him to the terrorists police and went peacefully to jail. Since then I have been threatened with being SWATted, a term used for when someone files false police report so SWAT will come kill you, there are some sick fucks in this world.

8. Have you ever been taken to a black site? If so tell us about it.

By a black site do you mean one where black ppl congregate or a secret torture facility? Because I guess I would say yes to both. I was definitely tortured in the king county jail and most jails engage in torture and it's definitely a secret in the sense that it's not widely known. By definition of Geneva conventions jails n prisons engage in torture on a daily basis.

9. How did you meet your baby mamma and why not get a job and be a good baby daddy?

I met my baby momma at Occupy Seattle, she has a Master's Degree from Georgetown University and was unable to find a job, she was walking by Occupy Seattle and stopped to see what all the hub bub was about, that's how she got involved, we met the day of the streets, Oct 5 2011. She won't accept child support, I even filed a motion in family court to begin paying child support, sent a check for $450 it was sent back. I guess I don't have a "real" job because I'm disabled, was diagnosed with PTSD n severe depression in 2008. I was abused most of my childhood and my adult life, I had over 110 jobs between 99_2008. I just couldn't seem to keep it together and couldn't figure out why. I'm not a dumb guy, went to college at 16, marines at 17, worked on 40 million dollar fighter attack aircraft but something just ain't right. I couldn't figure it out, then when I because homeless in 2007 & the VA refused to help I had a mental health breakdown, then in 2008 was diagnosed PTSD with severe depression, been trying to get help, and finally am, since 2007. I hope to be going back to work soon maybe back to college but need a stable living environment first, I think I found that here at EOCP

10. What are your feelings about Israel?

My feelings about Israel are that the Bible is very clear that there is Spiritual Israel and Israel. Not all who are of Israel are of Israel, you can tell them by their actions. Spiritual Israel is faith, Love, mercy, kindness, righteousness, legal Israel is opposite. this is the Bible. When Israel commits democide and massacres more than 200 children in two weeks I have nothing positive to say for that.I don't think Israeli leaders should be speaking in America's congress without our presidents approval, even though I don't like obomber its American law to not undermine American presidential authority n leadership via treason n sedition as the gop is currently doing.
I generally love all ppl, jew, gentile, Muslim, Catholic, Christian, black, white, Asian, Irish, etc... I swore to die for everyone, to uphold and defend the constitution,and I will stand up for justice n righteousness regardless of skin color, religion, sexual orientation, etc
And that concludes our interview, you can read that in its entire or not at all, you can reproduce that in its entirety or not at all.

Have a good day sir.
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Interview With the VanLessMan
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