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 Just an old bitter clinger

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PostSubject: Just an old bitter clinger   Just an old bitter clinger EmptyWed Oct 29, 2014 7:56 am

clinging to my God, Guns, and the Constitution.
I love my country, my family and freedom and I cherish Old Glory.

Don't let these colors fool ya. Laughing This tough old hide is just for show, as I'll cry like a baby if you play the National Anthem.

Can't swear to how I found out about Kev's site. Somewhere down a winding, twisting and dark rabbit hole most likely. I get lost via some indistinct link that leads to another and yet another...and suddenly here I am. Wink

In any case, I'm mighty proud to be here.

But I do have one little issue:
Shouldn't there be at least ONE emoticon for Kev's beloved 49ers? What a Face
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Just an old bitter clinger
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