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 Ferguson PD Chief is expected to step down. <<Its a lie, he isn't stepping down.

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PostSubject: Ferguson PD Chief is expected to step down. <<Its a lie, he isn't stepping down.   Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:10 pm

FERGUSON, MO – The police chief in Ferguson, Missouri, is expected to step down as part of the effort by city officials to reform the Police Department, according to government officials familiar with the discussions ongoing between local, state and federal officials.

Under the proposed plan, after Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson leaves, city leadership would ask the St. Louis County police chief to take over management of Ferguson’s police force.

The announcement could come as soon as next week. It would be one step in what local officials hope will help reduce tensions in the city as the public awaits a decision on whether the St. Louis County grand jury will bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Jackson said Tuesday he is not being pushed out.

“Nobody in my chain of command has asked me to resign, nor have I been terminated,” he said on the phone to CNN.

Jackson had faced criticism over his department’s handling of the Brown shooting and the protests in its aftermath.

Last month, weeks after the Justice Department announced it was investigating Ferguson police, Jackson told CNN he would not step down despite calls for his ouster.

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PostSubject: Re: Ferguson PD Chief is expected to step down. <<Its a lie, he isn't stepping down.   Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:14 pm

Holder and DOJ are trying to force the issue because Jackson has told them to kiss off. So has Mayor and Holder doesn't like it.

By "Leaking" this so called "News" they think it'll force the Mayor and Jackson to cave in resulting in Chief's ouster. Thereby leaving them no other option now that everyone "Expects" it.

Holder today went off on news being leaked of Wilson being found not guilty saying locals needed to "Shut up" and then said Ferguson chief and department must go which is in line with the "Leaked" reports of the Chief leaving and the police dept. being disbanded.

Once again the DOJ and Holder, our nation's top law enforcement officer, have stabbed the law enforcement community in the back, betraying them for the umpteenth time all in the name of appeasement.

I hope people contact the Ferguson Mayor, city council and especially Chief Jackson to tell him to stand up and not being hounded out by these federal games.

Not only that but Holder today said he would not release the findings of not guilty from the federal investigation at the same time as the locals and state release theirs because he wasn't going to make their life easier or attempt to combat negative reaction of the blacks to the news.

By all agencies releasing a unified front of not guilty at the same time it is thought it will help the situation and have a much better chance of keeping things calm. Since it would clearly show all the investigations have found the same thing in this case. Once again Holder chooses appeasement over the police and decent citizens of the area.

My personal opinion is they're going riot anyway but the above is what locals thought might help. Not that Holder cares about anything but harming the police and kissing a$$ of certain groups.

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Ferguson PD Chief is expected to step down. <<Its a lie, he isn't stepping down.
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