We have a large data-bank of Video, Documents, and audio files that have been saved from Ustream, YouTube, and LiveStream for the purpose and use as evidence and education.
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 Anonymous Operation Ferguson

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PostSubject: Anonymous Operation Ferguson   Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:20 am

Anonymous Operation Ferguson

Web Site: www.OperationFerguson.cf

Press Release - http://pastebin.com/KpmJKU8D

Communique - http://pastebin.com/2QVWfwUs

Twitter: @OpFerguson

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOSRQ-c1XW0

ACTION ALERT: White House Petition To Enact "Mike Brown's Law) | http://1.usa.gov/XknCml

Picture of Victim https://twitter.com/MichaelSkolnik/status/498274692873351170/photo/1

A Message From The Protesters In Ferguson To Anonymous - http://bit.ly/1rBCC7R |

Russian Member Of Parliment Calls For International Intervention In Ferguson | http://bit.ly/1pq4OfV | RT Report |




State of Missouri - www.mo.gov

Governor of Missouri - governor.mo.gov

St Louis County Police - www.slmpd.org

Ferguuson Police - www.fergusoncity.com

www.slmpd.org - St Louis Police - For setting up road blocks to keep protesters out of Ferguson.

Missouri State Highway Patrol, St. Louis Metropolitan Police, UMSL Campus Police, Bel Aire and Normandy, Creve Coeur; St. Ann, Velda City, Beverly Hills, Velda Village, Hillsdale, Berkeley, Pagedale, Florissant, Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Departments


Anonymous Op Ferguson | Target: DUMPED - http://www.FergusonCity.com -> http://bit.ly/1pLt76H

Feguson police physical addy
Ferguson Police Department www.fergusoncity.com

Ferguson Police Department www.fergusoncity.com

1 Google review

1 Google review

222 S Florissant Rd

222 S Florissant Rd

Ferguson, MO

Ferguson, MO

(314) 522-3100

(314) 522-3100

State Police - http://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/MSHPWeb/Root/index.html


Father of Murdered Teen

photo of dead teen

Instagram for TefPoe
IG @tef_poe


The Ferguson police is bringing out straight up military gear against Black people in that area right now pic.twitter.com/eKVwaxolin

People are gathering at the site where #Ferguson police killed 17-year-old #MikeBrown. Police have swarmed the area. pic.twitter.com/NlqbthTiAc

https://vine.co/v/MVTjzm2Ditx video of police with dogs at prtestors


https://twitter.com/MsKimNixon/status/498283647968231424/photo/1 (video)

https://vine.co/v/MVTpEFMMxVB (Video)



https://vine.co/v/MVTjXW5tXwa video of protestors raising hands to police



https://vine.co/v/MVTpbdwEvhV video of some protestors forcing cop car in reverse


Anonymous Operation Ferguson MSM Reports -

Anonymous Operation Ferguson: Engaged | http://bit.ly/1sE9GwN | Santa Cruz Indy Media Report |

Mchael Browns Death Protests Chaotic; Anonymous & Benjamin Crump Join Cause | http://bit.ly/1kWz8Po | Global Grind Report |

Anonymous Hits Back At Ferguson Police With Op Ferguson | http://bit.ly/1q57tYp | The Cryptosphere Report |

Anonymous Vows Action Over Shooting Death Of Unarmed Teen | http://bit.ly/1sNKMgm | Gawker Report |

Anonymous Launches Op Ferguson For MIike Brrown The MIissouri Teen Shot By Cops | http://bit.ly/1kWUFHG | Bustle Report |

Anonymous Hacktivists Get Into City Of Ferguson's Websites Sunday Night | http://bit.ly/1nIYLOd | UPI Report |

Anonymous Launches Op Ferguson After Cop Kills Unarmed Missouri Teen | http://bit.ly/1svc4JO | RT Report |

Anonymous Takes Action To Protest Police Shooting Of Unarmed Teen | http://bit.ly/1B9vshS | Death & Taxes Report |

Op Ferguson Speaks! An Exclusive Interview | http://bit.ly/1oF1yYU | The Cryptosphere Report |

Anonymous To Conduct Cyber Attack On Ferguson PD For Shooting Unarmed Teen | http://bit.ly/1A7OgfO | HackRead Report |

It's Back To Basics For Anonymous With Their Michael Brown Op | http://bit.ly/1pMPUPu | Gawker Report |

Big Brother, Little Sister: Op Ferguson In Images | http://bit.ly/1pMQs7W | Cryptosphere Report |

Anonymous Launches Operation Against Mo. PD Hacks Website | http://bit.ly/1upjOh6 | PoliceOne Report |

Anonymous Op Ferguson Says It Will ID The Officer Who Killed Michael Brown | http://bit.ly/XhIdI1 | Mother Jones Report |

How Computer Hackers Changed The Ferguson Protests | http://bit.ly/1r8MgU2 | St. Louis Post-Dispatch |

To Fight Anonymous Op Ferguson This Guy Is Harvesting IP Addresses For The Cops | http://bit.ly/1pOiAro | Motherboard Report |

BREAKING: Anonymous Releases Dispatch Tapes After Michael Brown Shooting | http://bit.ly/1yx821E | BNR Report |

Anonymous Plans To Release Name Of Cop Who Killed Michael Brown | http://bit.ly/1sDyDfp | Daily Dot Report |

Anonymous Releases Alleged Police Dispatch Audio From Ferguson Shooting | http://on.mash.to/1utGyMM | Mashable Report |

Op Ferguson Updates: Trolls, Honeypots, Leaks, & Crowdsourcing Intel | http://bit.ly/1Bfe6QO | Cryptosphere Report |

Anonymous Hacks Ferguson Police Site For Dispatch Tapes | http://cnet.co/1oKTtlu | Cnet Report |

Hacker Collective Anonymous Supports Vigils Following Ferguson Riots | http://wapo.st/1lYDyjx | Washington Post Report |

How Anonymous Hackers Changed Ferguson, MO Protests | http://bit.ly/1mNXghX | Government Technology Report |

Police Suspect Hackers Shut Down St. Louis County Government Websites | http://bit.ly/VnMeZV | St. Louis Post-Dispatch |

The Complete Guide To Anonymous & Op Ferguson | http://wapo.st/1BkFMDL | Washington Post Report |

How Anonymous Got It Right & Wrong In Ferguson | http://wapo.st/1uY4ntv | Washington Post Report |

A Message From The Ferguson Protesters To Anonymous | http://bit.ly/1pylKki | Cryptosphere Report |

Understanding Hacker Collective Anonymous & Operation Ferguson | http://bit.ly/1pzXqOX | Boston Globe Report |

Hackers Have The Names & Social Security Numbers Of Ferguson Police | http://wapo.st/1BiUqva | Washington Post Report |

Anonymous To ID Michael Brown’s Killer – Already Has Paralyzed Ferguson | http://bit.ly/1rv627z | Addicting Info Report |

Locals Show Support For Operation Ferguson Outside Hattiesburg Police Department | http://bit.ly/1AsDX6d | WHLT Report |

Anonymous Targets Ferguson, Missouri In Op Ferguson; DDoS Attack On Local PD Web Site | http://bit.ly/VEgAqY | HFS Report |

The Return of UGNazi: Doxing The Governor Of Missouri | http://bit.ly/YBpfMF | Cryptosphere Report |

Op Ferguson & UGNazi In Conversation: Exclusive Interviews | http://bit.ly/VIB4yw | Cryptosphere Report |

Anonymous "Day Of Rage" Protests | http://bit.ly/1pOlYUl | Codewit World News Report |

What Anonymous Is Doing In Ferguson | http://ti.me/1p0XLW1 | TIME Report |

"Hands Up & Walk Out": Anonymous Op Ferguson Calls For General Strike In Missouri | http://bit.ly/1tPtf6V | Cryptosphere Report |

Anonymous Calls for ‘Hands Up & Walk Out’ General Strike Against Ferguson Shooting | http://bit.ly/1qMuznd | HackRead Report |

Hands Up & Walk Out | http://bit.ly/1tJN0hf | Daily Haze Report |

"Hands Up Walk Out": Students Protest Police Violence | http://usat.ly/1tKzPfU | USA Today Report |

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Anonymous Operation Ferguson
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