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 Robert Winslow AKA(@Romonaga_)

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Warrant Rabbit
Warrant Rabbit

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PostSubject: Robert Winslow AKA(@Romonaga_)   Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:58 pm

This blog would not be complete without me providing who am I and disclosing my own past.  It seems that as I expected I would become a target of the very thing I am doing to protesters who vilify cops, threaten cops and cop families.

Many of you know that early on I exposed myself and DOXed my own info.  This was in response to members of Anon DOXING my kid and releasing her info.  It was a cowardly act, one that was done to attempt to get me to stop my work. The problem, all they did was cause me to fight harder and expose more lies.

So in the interest of being fair here is my own DOX

My own fight with police brutality.

I was a heavy member of Cop Block and some other Cop sites.  These sites at first were dedicated to outing bad cops.  However, once the group became lopsided in there reporting and spinning the stories it was clear the were not interested in change.

I was big time involved in cops that were killing peoples pets, I was involved in denouncing no knock warrants, something I still fight. 

I also was very vocal about militarization of police and working to getting it stopped.

Early on in this protest, I was on the same side as the protesters.  Until the facts came out.  I still to this day feel the initial response to Mike Brown protesters was wrong.

Criminal Past:

At the age of 18 years old I was arrested for pot possession. I spent the weekend in jail, went to court and the evidence disappeared.  The charges were dropped and I was let go.  Yes, I did inhale.

I have had many speeding tickets, I tend to have a lead foot.

Once I was arrested for Phone Harassment. My wife and I had to move to England for my job, while gone we let what we considered friends in need out house that we had just purchased.  When we came back, these people had destroyed much of our furniture that was new.  Cats tore it up.  They also skipped out on many bills.  I kept calling them to attempt to get them to pay us back.

They contacted the police, reported me.  I was arrested, paid my fine did my community service and moved on.

While in England, I had the armed response unit out to my house.  Some friends and I were launching rockets.  One of the rockets landed in a neighbors yard and almost killed their pet chicken.  We were cautioned to be careful and to carry on.

About 3 years ago, my wife and I purchased a dog from a shop, the dog was sick, the owner of the store did all he could to help.  One day my wife confronted some protesters.  She was in the wrong, should never have confronted them.  However, as a good husband should, I defended her from the protesters and police.  Me and the police had some choice words, my ID was checked and all was done.

Here very recently, I was arrested for speeding 98 in a 55 mile per hour zone.  This was a class A misdemeanor.  I was fined 740 bucks and took a hit to my license.  Yes, I was handcuffed, finger printed, and picture taken.

Where do I live:
2348 Thunder Gulch Rd.
Montgomery Il, 60538

Phone: 630-360-7406

I am a supporter of LEO, I do have LEO family, I do have First Responders in my family.  I also have many LEO friends.  I do have contacts with other agencies.

Posted by Romonaga protestersexposed.blogspot.de
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Robert Winslow AKA(@Romonaga_)
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