We have a large data-bank of Video, Documents, and audio files that have been saved from Ustream, YouTube, and LiveStream for the purpose and use as evidence and education.
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 Tony Rice AKA(@search4swag)

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Warrant Rabbit
Warrant Rabbit

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PostSubject: Tony Rice AKA(@search4swag)   Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:35 pm

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tony Rice

Tony has been a loud voice for the protesters. Much of what he has to say flames hate and spreads move violence. We also know that he likes to hang out with someone known as Josh who is alleged to have started fires and an alleged looter.

Tony also seems to be present an a lot of the times when fires break out or when stuff is stolen and vandalized. Now, I am not saying he is responsible, what I am saying is someone needs to examine why he is always present.

While Tony is a pain, he did not come onto our radar until he decided that it would be a great idea to release the name of the officer who shot Antonio Martin. We warned him that releasing anything past the officers name would lead to us releasing his identity.

It is a shame that he did not head this warning, it is also a shame that not only him but 2 other people are complacent in this act of terror. There is simply ZERO need to release the officers name and or address. All this does is incite others to commit acts of violence.

Because we feel he is highly evolved we have decide to release his info. So just who is Tony Rice.

First, here is a picture of him with Josh the criminal arsonist. I am told he is the person in the grey outfit. As you see, he is with Josh the alleged arsonist.

While we did not find any arrest record at this time we do know that he has had several civil cases on himself. Seems he does not do a good job of managing his business and paying his bills.

We also know he likes to incite violence during this protest, we know that he fans the flames based on some of the posts. Again, I ask, why is he at so many of these fires and looted stores?

Posted by Romonaga
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Tony Rice AKA(@search4swag)
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