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 LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters

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PostSubject: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:25 pm

My name is Keven and I am writing this to you from California because I can not make the rally. Thank you for doing the stuff I could not imagine doing. Thank you for protecting your community even for those that don’t appreciate it. I support you guys and appreciate you even though it is not my city. I pray for you and your families daily. I do what I can for you guys from being so far away. Again , Thank You!!!

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PostSubject: Thank you!   Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:54 pm

To Those That Serve and Protect,
I want to offer you my support for the tireless and recently unappreciated, by some, jobs that you proudly do to protect and serve our communities. I also what you to know that there are many of us that support and pray for you daily as you are sent into the battle that have become the streets of America.

May God's stength give you strength and guidance needed to fight the battles of today and of tomorrow. Your service is so appreciated and your families are also apart of the thanks for the sacrifices they make.

In Christ,
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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:14 pm

Sending you all sincere support from California. My family and I thank each of the officers for the tireless effort in protecting the community and enforcing the law.
Watching night after night of the anarchy and vulgar abuse makes me angry but the most I can do is stand up and say thank you and we are grateful for your service in times like these and during more peaceful times also. Crime and war never take a holiday so neither does law enforcement and armed service.  
Again, thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Wed Dec 31, 2014 9:08 pm

To each and every man or woman LEO, no matter where you are, but specifically to those in the St. Louis Metro Area PD, the St. Louis County PD and all the Municipalities in St. Louis County.

My Name is Mary, I was raised in the St. Louis City and my Father served for 40+ years on the City Police Dept.  He went on when you walked your beats and only had a gun and night stick, with Police Call Boxes on street corners.  He also served on the K9 Corp and had 2 different dogs.  My HERO, my Dad, is now deceased, but I learned much from him on the importance of the job of being in Law Enforcement.  There are men and women who say "they waited a life time to meet their Hero", well "I Was Raised by My HERO" and I am very proud to say that I am the Daughter of a Police Officer.

I can never express how grateful I am to all of you for daily putting your life on the line to Serve and Protect EVERYONE.  I have never been prouder than I am now, especially since Aug. 9th, in the way you all are handling every thing.  What you have to go through in just one night is more than any person should go through in a life time.  You have truly shown America how our LEO's can and will and do handle things.  You all are an inspiration to everyone, and NEVER LET ANY ONE TELL YOU DIFFERENTLY.

A Special Shout Out and a Big THANK YOU to Chief Sam Dotson of StL City PD and to a good friend Chief Jon Belmar of STLCPD.  You both have led and held steadily and kept our men and women Law Enforcers safe.

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.  Prayers constantly for every LEO the world over.  Please keep on keeping on and know we will have your 6.

To All Veterans and Currently serving Miliatary, all branches. You service to our Wonderful Country is so much appreciated. I know we have lost many lifes and they will never be forgotten. Thank you for taking on the tremendous jov of serving and protecting our Country for the Evils of the world. SALUTE!! We will forever be grateful for your servvice and dedication. I love you

To all Firefighters and EMT/S - thank you for putting your lives in danger every time you go on a call as you never know the circumstances you will be facing. Thank you Firefighters for helping those unfortunte of having fires in homes and businesses and doing your best to save lives and property. ENT/S, thanks for doing your best to save lives and treating all people the same.
Both Firefighters and ENT/S are very much appreciated.

With Thankfulness and Prayers   cheers
Mary K.

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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:44 pm

Dear LEO's

Thank you so much for standing up and protecting us, and facing considerable hardships for doing so.  As a veteran I understand what many of you may be going through due to current events, and I want to let you know that the veteran community in America is here to support you as well.  I also want to let you know that there are teams of veterans around the country who are standing up proudly in support of American ideals, western civilization, for peace and justice in order to save America.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!  

Thank you for what you do.


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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:54 pm

To the Brave men and women that keep us safe across the country..

As a Military Veteran LEO, I stand united with you brave men and women that put your life on the line everyday to fight what other people don't even want to acknowledge. To leave your families and walk directly into the chaos to keep other people's families safe and try to make our neighborhoods a better place.

You ARE NOT ALONE in your fight..Know that you are so very appreciated and even though you see some of the worst in people, there are many of us across the nation that are fed up with how you are being treated.. The ones you don't have interaction with because we know how to obey the law and respect Police Officers just trying to do their job the best they can, and make it home safe to their family.  


Keep up the good work, you are true heroes, Stay Safe.. God Bless!!

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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:48 am

Dear Officers,
I live in the St Louis area and am so proud of our police department! You all have showed so much patience, restraint, and honor. I wish you all a happy and much safer New Year. Bless you all.
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PostSubject: Best Wishes for The New Year   Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:56 am

Dear First Responders,

I have nothing but love and respect for you all. My son chose the same profession and I am always proud, yet frightened for him. And now I feel that same way for all of you. I know how important the work is, and how essential. I just wish that everyone would treat each of you with the same respect that you all deserve. Right now things have gone a bit sideways. Hopefully you understand that the vast majority of us love and respect you. It is just the tiny minority that is now the loudest and most strident. Stay the course and we will get on track in the New Year. I wish you and your families nothing but the best.


Ventura, California
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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Thu Jan 01, 2015 1:27 am

Dear Police Officers,

I want to thank you for everything you do, and commend you on your extreme example of restraint when having to deal with these morons who attack you, lie about you, accuse you of things you didn't do, yet you're always there to protect and serve anyone and everyone, including them. You all save lives, not destroy them. I want to thank you for putting your lives on the line for everyone else's lives. You have to be very special guys and gals to do what you do and keep going back, day after day to protect the citizens of Missouri and all over the USA. We admire you and love you.

God bless all our officers, their families and friends. You will never know how much we really appreciate you.

From the bottom of my heart.

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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:09 am

Dear Law Enforcement Officers,

Thank you so much for everything you all do. I have so much respect for you for the restraint you have shown over the last three and a half months while dealing with people yelling in your faces and all the disrespect you were shown.
Please know you all have so many people behind you supporting you and praying for you. I know you all have put in long hours working and I am sure it was hard on yourselves as well as your families.
Even though I can't be there supporting you all Thursday, please know that I will be with you in spirit.
Again thank you so much for your service and hard work. Have a Happy New Year, stay safe and God Bless you all.

Alana M
Frederick, Maryland
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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:36 am

Dear Leos...Greetings from NW Pa...My thanks for all of you keeping me, my family safe. My heart and spirit will be at the rally today as it will be with all the Leos across this great country...My prayers to all of you to remain safe and under God's wing..I thank your families for allowing your sacrifice...
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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:37 am

I have always had great respect for our law enforcement, but now....I cannot even describe how I feel about you guys. The things I have seen you stand there and TAKE, like "good soldiers" is beyond my understanding as to how you can even do that. It is obvious that it takes a SPECIAL kind of person to do that cause were it me........well, let's just say you would be putting me in jail;/

The night I saw an officer, in a police car, having to slowly drive backwards, with a bunch of protestors forcing him back, back, back...I cried. That picture was so illustrative of what is happening here and I blame our leadership...President OBAMA and the Governors for allowing this to happen and for handcuffing you all and preventing you from doing your job. It is NUTS...and it must STOP. We are trying guys, hang on, we are trying. God Bless You:)
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PostSubject: Dear LEO'S   Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:15 am

My name is Carolyn and I am writing in gratitude of what you do for us daily. My Brother is a retired Police Officer and I feel so bad that I never took the time and effort to tell him thank you and how important his job was and the contribution he made to make our City safer. I guess I never fully realized the full scope of how dangerous it is to do what you do. The events of the last few months have brought this in to much better focus for me. Thank you for all you do! Praying for you and your families. Sincerely, Carolyn

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PostSubject: The "Oath" to protect and defend limitations and Code of Conduct respect.   Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:54 am

I'm Top, I am retired from both the Army and LE, 1SG and Capt respectfully.  My oath to my country and Constitution has no time limit, "Oathkeepers" have the same motif. There are a lot more of us than I first thought, at first I thought I was alone in this while I watch our country being destroyed by lack of discipline, disrespect, immoral behavior, sloth and just plain stupidity. Our leaders in Gov. are not oathkeepers, we must get them out and put in Patriotic Americans that have our Constitution in mind instead of personal gain.  I want to thank everyone that served and those that are carrying the torch. I warn that a Police State is easy to fall into while on duty. Keep your personal "Code of Conduct" active and in order to maintain lawful Police work.  Soldiers too, your code of conduct makes you responsible for "Lawful Orders"! Thank You
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PostSubject: Re: LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters    

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LEO FD Vets Mil EMS TY Letters
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