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 One Struggle KC Legal Fund

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PostSubject: One Struggle KC Legal Fund    Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:49 am

New Jail Support donation site has poped up.

Classification: Civil disobedience fund by request donations..

Business: not listed with IRS

Business?: One Struggle KC is a not-for-profit organization.

Donations Account Name: Diane Burkholder
Kansas City, Missouri

Date: December 21st, 2014

Site URL: https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/donate-to-the-one-struggle-kc-legal-fund

---- Description given ----

One Struggle KC needs you to stand up and fight back today.

Across the world, people are rising up against police brutality and state oppression. As we’re sure you’ve seen, the state response against those exercising their right to protest has been extreme. There have been at least six arrests in Kansas City, all of which have placed the weight of a bond amount over the heads of those arrested. We need you to join the community in protecting our right to protest by donating to our legal support fund today. Protesters in Kansas City have been targeted and brutalized while being arrested. Among those arrested were community activists, veterans, and members of the press. This fund is used to release those who are arrested in Kansas City while standing up and telling the police “Black Lives Matter!” “Ya Me Canse” and other cries of resistance. This financial security empowers every person to stand up and fight back regardless of their economic security. One Struggle KC believes that all people, regardless of their charges, should have a right to fair legal representation. We challenge you to stand for that by donating today.

Every 28 hours, the police and vigilantes murder someone in the United States. Supposedly, people are innocent until proven guilty under American law. The reality is quite different, particularly for communities of color, who the state has been waging a war on for centuries.This fund will be used to provide aid to all those in the Kansas City metro area challenging racism, patriarchy, oppression of LGBTQ people, institutional and cultural violence and bigotry, class exploitation, and American imperialism.

Over the last few weeks we have witnessed a pattern emerge in the system's handling of police officers who kill civilians. Not only was Darren Wilson let off without so much as a slap on the wrist, but a New York grand jury failed to indict Daniel Pantaleo, who murdered Eric Garner on film. We hear and see his last words - "I can't breathe" - in the streets, on the shirts of athletes, and on television. Yet these are just two cases, among many others. We also recognize that police violence can affect anyone, including Kansas City Firefighter Antony Bruno, who was murdered by KCPD on his wedding night.  Only 1 in 88 cases of civilians killed by cops brought before a grand jury results in an indictment. The killers of Darrien Hunt and Vonderrit Myers - they aren't even being brought before a grand jury. This continued and systematic failure of our justice system to CHARGE, let alone CONVICT, cannot be ignored! Kansas City must stand up with the rest of the nation against these injustices, and take to the streets!

Join One Struggle KC and other community organizations as we make our demands known and contribute to the national chorus telling the system: NOT ONE MORE!

One Struggle KC is a coalition of community members seeking to harness the energy of Ferguson, Missouri and other struggles for social justice in an effort to connect the struggles of oppressed communities, locally and globally.

If you are a lawyer and interested in helping to support those who will be arrested, please e-mail us at Onestrugglekc@riseup.net

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and visit our Wordpress to learn more about our organization and other events coming up in Kansas City.




---- end ----
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One Struggle KC Legal Fund
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