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 Ferguson Protest Leader Has Her Car Stolen Outside Rally Against Police

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PostSubject: Ferguson Protest Leader Has Her Car Stolen Outside Rally Against Police   Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:29 am

Seriously, sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up.

Elizabeth Vega is an adamant and quite vocal supporter of the protesters in Ferguson, Mo.   Monday evening she was at a rally where she was heard shouting “F*ck the police!” along with an energetic crowd.  Unfortunately, when Vega finished a debriefing after the rally she returned to where her car was parked.

Ironically, it was no longer there.

Vega took to Twitter to announce her dismay and shared the following post:

The very public Vega has been seen protesting at sports venues and various locations around Ferguson.  Recently she was a part of a group that interrupted the St. Louis Symphony with a banner drop, arrested at a pumpkin smashing event, yelled again at a protest outside the St. Louis Post Dispatch and helped block traffic with a “die-in” in Clayton.

On Monday she was leading an anti-police demonstration titled “The Injustice Freakshow.” Participants reportedly chanted “F*ck the Police” over and over.

The serious question remains:  Did Vega call the aforementioned police after she discovered that her car had been stolen?

Not immediately.  Vega took down the Monday post about the car being stolen after the “Freakshow” and changed her story, explaining in a tweet that her car was actually stolen some distance away.

Many people familiar with Vega, her tactics and the constant disrespect being shown to police in general caused quite a response on social media.  Unfortunately most are not PG-13 and probably should not be shown in a family friendly format.

Certainly there is a case for karma being a b*tch and who is actually to blame and does it matter what race they are.  Ferguson is in the middle of a significant situation and but perhaps yelling at each other might be replaced with discussions and ideas for a better cooperation between the public and city officials.  Perhaps even suggestions on how the public might be a part of enhancing Ferguson instead of tearing it down.

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/us-news/ferguson-protest-leader-car-stolen-outside-rally-police-01072163#Yf0lwOChOLQakhCs.99
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Ferguson Protest Leader Has Her Car Stolen Outside Rally Against Police
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