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 SLU porterfield_message_to_students_parents

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PostSubject: SLU porterfield_message_to_students_parents   Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:54 pm

Dear Students:
Sometime during the next few weeks, the St. Louis County Grand Jury will announce if charges
will be filed in the August shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Depending
on the decision, there could be protests at locations across the region.
We understand that a group of protest organizers are working hard to ensure that planned
demonstrations are civil and non-violent. But we also recognize, despite their best efforts, they
may not be able to control the few who wish to cause trouble. Accordingly, the University is
planning for various scenarios. The security of our students, faculty and staff is our highest
With this in mind, we want to offer the following information. Should protests occur near our
1. Depending upon the circumstances, SLU may restrict visitors to better maintain the
security of our campus. Those restrictions may include SLU informing you that you will
not be allowed to bring guests to our campus or residence halls.
2. The cancellation of classes may also be considered.
3. If guest restrictions are initiated and/or classes are cancelled, we will communicate to you
via email and social media (www.slu.edu, Twitter, and Facebook), as well as provide
updates on the University’s phone line for inclement weather (314-977-SNOW).
We are aware that some students may be deciding whether to participate in off campus protests.
The University respects each student’s right to decide whether to participate. With that in mind,
we offer the following safety tips and considerations.
1. SLU safety and security personnel will not be staffing any off-campus locations.
2. Protests are expected to be civil and non-violent. But it is possible that some situations
may escalate. While we know your actions will be peaceful, none of us can predict how
others will respond. If you decide to participate, we urge you to be aware of the
circumstances in which you find yourself. Please communicate with others, including
your family, about your plans. Many churches in areas where protests are possible are
being identified as places of prayer, respite and refuge.
3. Public transportation and some streets could be affected by off-campus protests. Try to
travel in groups and have alternative routes in mind when leaving campus.
4. Below are links to general information about what you may expect to experience in a
civil protest or demonstration. This information is for reference only and does not
specifically address any possible protests or demonstrations in our region.

Some students are likely to hold their own demonstrations on campus — in favor of or opposed
to the grand jury decision. Again, as noted above, guest access may be restricted, so please do
not invite or expect anyone other than SLU students, faculty and staff to participate. For those
considering a protest on campus, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students or the Student
Involvement Center to be fully informed about our campus policies.
In closing, we appreciate the comments we have received from you and from your elected
representatives in the Student Government Association in planning for the days ahead. I hope
you will continue to engage in campus dialogue and discussion sessions about social justice and
racial equality as we all strive to more fully live SLU’s Oath of Inclusion.
Dr. Kent Porterfield
Vice President for Student Development

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SLU porterfield_message_to_students_parents
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