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 Gov Nixon Presser

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PostSubject: Gov Nixon Presser   Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:30 pm

This was raw and in real time - it should be cleaned up and reported later.

[Gov Nixon]
Q: Other law enforcement agencies will assist unified command, what does that mean? N: Other small munis will coordinate with uni command.

Last Q: Have you directed Ferg PD to stay out of the area? N: No, they'll do normal policing. Protests handled by highway patrol.

Nixon's closing statement: remember the twin pillars: safety and speech.

@GovJayNixon - my hope is peace will prevail, but I have to prepare for anything, and that means getting resources in place. #Ferguson

@GovJayNixon - there has been a tremendous amount of work that has been done over the last 101 days. Hope there is no violence. #Ferguson

Q: Who will do what in unified command? N: Everyone is going to work together.

My sole recollection of the National Guard's presence in Ferguson last time is that they held the perimeter around the command post, no?

[Gov Nixon]
Is there any one agency is charge? No clear answer from @GovJayNixon. Says they have worked hard to establish unified command. #ferguson
Governor repeats that the National Guard will be a supportive role, allowing the police to be out in the community. Not boots on the ground.
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[Gov Nixon]
Q - does the buck stop with you in unified command? @GovJayNixon - I don't personalize this too much. #ferguson
Nixon continuing to say "we need to keep people safe and allow for free speech" as the response to nearly every question.
1-https://twitter.com/rlippmann/status/534503990738690049 2-https://twitter.com/AllisonBlood/status/534503951886848000

Q: Some feel the call for peace is only to protestors, what do you say to law enforcement? N: We need to keep people safe, allow protest. 2..@GovJayNixon will not give any operational details about # of Natl Guard troops, or where they will be stationed. #ferguson
Nixon says officers have had 5,000 hours of training since this summer.
Q: Are you adding to a tense situation with a military force? N: This will enhance the ability of officers to be more hands on.
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Gov Nixon]
Asked about timing, @GovJayNixon says it's about being prepared. They wanted to be in place before anything happened. #ferguson
Nixon: People need to feel safe, everything we’re doing is driven by the dual objectives (safety and right to speech) #ferguson
"To achieve those goals we need to be prepared and need to be active and need to have resources in place in advance of an announcement"
Q:How many Guard Troops and where will they be? Nixon: I won't get into operational details.
Advance notice for community and schools? Nixon says he is leaving that to the St. Louis prosecutor. #Ferguson 6.Q: How do you weigh timing of the "state of emergency" declaration with tension here? Nixon: We need to be proactive, have things in place.
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[Gov Nixon]
Q: When else has the national guard been deployed preemptively? Nixon: I've done it twice before, natural disasters, snow storms.
@GovJayNixon says Mo Highway Patrol will take over duties of Ferguson police department in cases of protesting.
Next: When are you anticipating the decision to come down? Nixon: Mid to late November. Activation of National Guard is on that timeline.
Nixon will not comment on giving advance notice about grand jury decision. #ferguson
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3 minutes ago
Gov. Nixon says tomorrow he will announce an "independent, diverse" Ferguson Commission. Indicates membership will be announced
First question: will community leaders, schools be given advance notice of Grand Jury decision? Nixon: that's up to local officials.
.@GovJayNixon - with the Natl Guard providing security, police can focus on community building. #ferguson
"St. Louis County Police will have operational command of protests located in any Jurisdiction". @GovJayNixon #Ferguson #mikebrown
.@GovJayNixon - the activation of the Natl Guard is just the next step in the plan I outlined to protect prop and constitutional rights. 6.Governor's teleconference begins. Says National Guard will only be assisting police, not on the ground. #Ferguson
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Gov Nixon Presser
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