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 Ferguson police officer raped woman in jail, lawsuit alleges

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PostSubject: Ferguson police officer raped woman in jail, lawsuit alleges   Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:02 am

A pregnant woman says she was raped in jail by a Ferguson police officer last year, according to a federal lawsuit filed Friday against the city and the officer, Jaris Hayden.
Hayden now faces four felony charges, including sexual contact with a prisoner and acceding to corruption by a public servant.
Hayden posted $10,000 cash bond on Nov. 12, the day he was arrested. Hayden, who is being represented by attorney Scott Rosenblum, is scheduled to appear in St. Louis County court for his arraignment Dec. 3.
J.W., whose full name is withheld from the suit, was stopped by Ferguson Police Officer Hayden on Oct. 9, 2013 because her license plates were expired, according to the lawsuit.
Hayden arrested J.W. and wrote her two tickets after she gave him a false name, according to the suit.
During J.W.'s booking, Hayden said to her, "You smell good," and, "This will teach you a lesson," according to the suit.
After J.W. complained of pain and discharges, Hayden checked with a superior and called an ambulance, according to the suit. After checking J.W.'s vital signs, paramedics told Hayden it was up to him whether they could take J.W., according to the suit.
J.W.'s boyfriend then posted bond, according to the suit, but while J.W. was signing papers, Hayden told her she had traffic warrants from other municipalities.
J.W. said, "I will do anything to go home," according to the suit, which specifies she was not talking about sexual favors.
Hayden then said "follow me," and took J.W. down various hallways, according to the suit.
Then, in the boiler room of the City of Ferguson jail, Hayden unbuttoned his pants, removed his penis, and said words to the effect of, "You gonna suck my dick," and motioned for J.W. to give him oral sex, according to the suit.

J.W. then began to perform oral sex on Hayden, according to the suit.
After taking J.W. farther back into the boiler room, Hayden had vaginal intercourse with J.W., and she did not resist "because she was afraid," according to the lawsuit.
Hayden then released J.W. through a side door, and told her to run and stay close to the building, presumably so she would not appear on any security cameras, according to the lawsuit.
J.W.'s sister then took her to the emergency room, according to the suit.
DNA analysis has confirmed that pubic hair captured by J.W. was from Hayden, according to the lawsuit, which seeks compensatory and punitive damages.
It also alleges civil rights abuses by the city of Ferguson.
"The conduct of City of Ferguson law enforcement in engaging in repeated acts of violence and constitutional violations against the citizenry constitutes a pattern," the lawsuit says. "The City has taken inadequate steps or no steps at all to control the violent acts of its law enforcement personnel."
Officials with the City of Ferguson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Ferguson police officer raped woman in jail, lawsuit alleges
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