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 Brown Family Attorneys Respond to Release of Video and Audio

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PostSubject: Brown Family Attorneys Respond to Release of Video and Audio   Sat Nov 15, 2014 2:08 pm

St. Louis (KMOX) The attorneys representing the Brown family in the Ferguson shooting case released a statement Saturday in response to the release of the Ferguson Police video and police radio recordings.
The statement is posted below:
”From the very beginning, the Ferguson Police Dept. has followed what is now seemingly standard operating procedure for police departments around the country: to vilify the victim and put the shooter on a pedestal.
Information was leaked from within the police department that Wilson was severely beaten and suffered an orbital eye socket ‘blowout,’ indicating that Michael Brown somehow deserved to die. From the video released today it would appear the initial descriptions of his injuries were exaggerated.
Furthermore, the audio clearly demonstrates that the initial interaction with the officer and Brown had nothing to do with the incident at the convenience store. The remaining portions of the audiotape did not establish any connection with the convenience store incident.
We will wait for the Grand Jury’s decision and continue to develop a plan to change the system that now works entirely in favor of law enforcement and against citizens.”
-Attorneys Benjamin L. Crump, Anthony D. Gray and Daryl D. Parks

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Brown Family Attorneys Respond to Release of Video and Audio
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