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 #PantsUPDontLoot (11/13) UPDATE: The hash tag has been approved.

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PostSubject: #PantsUPDontLoot (11/13) UPDATE: The hash tag has been approved.   Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:07 pm


This billboard is located in the heart of Florissant, the epicenter of the Mike Brown protests.
Ferguson, Missouri, United States Community
(11/13) UPDATE: The hash tag has been approved.

This crowdfunding campaign is for the purchase of a billboard in the Ferguson, MO area. The billboard will display black text on a white background with the text "#PantsUPDontLoot". After some initial confusion we are working with other, undisclosed companies in the area that are willing to create and display this image. The funds collected from this campaign will be used to purchase this billboard for as long as possible. Lamar originally quoted us ~$2,500 for 1 month but others have come in under that amount. Whatever funds we receive will go directly to keeping the billboard campaign up as long as possible. If we come to an agreement with a company and can fund it for 3 months, 5 months, 7 months..., we will.

As of right now, we have to keep the exact billboard/company undisclosed because the companies we choose are being targeted with the intention of shutting us down and making it impossible for the project to move forward. If the crowdfunding goal is reached and a contract is signed, we will have visual proof of purchase no longer than 1 week after completion. Until then, we cannot disclose any information on the companies we are contacting.

If the crowdfunding goal is reach and no contract can be secured, all the funds will given back directly to the donators. We have no intention on using their money for anything other than their original purpose.

If you have any questions please direct them to dontlootbillboard@airmail.cc
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#PantsUPDontLoot (11/13) UPDATE: The hash tag has been approved.
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