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 Local group prepares for Ferguson announcement St. Peterburg, Florida

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PostSubject: Local group prepares for Ferguson announcement St. Peterburg, Florida    Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:40 pm

St. Peterburg, Florida -- A grand Jury will announce whether Officer Darren Wilson will be criminally charged for the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown any day now.

When the announcement comes down, a local group says they will be ready with their own protest.

Leaders of the Uhuru Movement in St. Petersburg say if the grand jury does not hold the Ferguson officer accountable for Michael Brown's death they're planning a demonstration for the day after the decision is announced.

They say the do expect arrests.

Leaders of the African American civil rights group believe history will prove consistent and they expect Officer Wilson to walk free.They say this is letting him get away with murder.

The noon protest will be in downtown St. Petersburg at 5th Street and Central Avenue the day after the grand jury decides.

The group says they'll stand up for Michael Brown, calling on police and military to withdraw from black neighborhoods across the country. They're also demanding the release of all prisoners arrested during the Ferguson riots.

This isn't the first time members of the group have been caught up the tension surrounding race relations in the community.
Many played a role in the 1996 riots in St. Pete after a white police officer was cleared in the shooting death of an African American driver. Protestors burned cars and buildings and pelted police with rocks.

Leaders won't say if this demonstration will be any different.

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Local group prepares for Ferguson announcement St. Peterburg, Florida
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