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 Protesters target Ferguson Committeewoman

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PostSubject: Protesters target Ferguson Committeewoman   Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:51 am

FERGUSON, Mo. - A Ferguson activist, and committeewoman, said a group of protesters tried to intimidate her Monday night while she was protesting.

Patricia Bynes said some of the people who tried to bully her belong to a group of protesters called Lost Voices. The leaders of Lost Voices said they tried to talk to Bynes but they never tried to intimidate her.

"I was completely surrounded and it was a very much in your face. It was one of me and 20 of them," Bynes said.

She said the group "cussed, yelled, and hollered" at her. She said it all started after a member of the Lost Voices tried to talk to her. Bynes refused.

"I'm not interested in speaking with Lost Voices. I've seen on too many occasions how they solve problems." Bynes said.

Melissa McKinnies was the Lost Voices leader who tried to talk to Bynes. She said she wanted to address Bynes concerns about her group.

"After she declined to speak with me, I walked off," said McKinnies.

She said a group of people did surround Bynes but they weren't from Lost Voices. A few of her members did join the group but they never threatened Bynes.

"They wanted me to stop talking to the media about them. It was done to bully me and it didn't work," said Bynes.

She said the protesters were upset with her after an incident at a church in Ferguson. Some protesters ran after a man and assaulted him after he was accused of breaking the rules and livestreaming. Bynes said some of those protesters were from Lost Voices.

McKinnies said the Lost Voices members tried to break up the assault and even delivered a cell phone back to the man.

Bynes said after that incident she called out protest leaders on their responsibility to make sure their followers aren't' violent.

She said, some protesters were upset with her about her stand.

"What's bad for the protest movement, is people who want confrontation," Bynes said.

She said protesters can't hold police accountable when they don't hold each other accountable.

The lost voices said they have told their members, the group only protests peacefully.

"I'm not out here protesting for anarchy and lawlessness," she said.

She said her experience shows her, the protests aren't about justice anymore.

McKinnies and her group believe the marches and the chants are about justice.

"We're passionate and adamant about this movement,' McKinnies said. One group leader said people who aren't part of his group and don't' follow their peaceful philosophy are using the Lost Voices name.

The Lost Voices started with a group of ten people who came together after Ferguson to fight for what they believe is justice. They've gathered dozens of followers since. They are one of several groups of activists protesting in Ferguson.

Bynes is telling peaceful protesters to stay home on the day of the grand jury decision.

Many of them told her they don't want to be caught up in violent mobs.

The Lost Voices said they'll be on the streets and they'll "risk their lives" to keep the peace on the day of the decision.

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Protesters target Ferguson Committeewoman
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