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PostSubject: Ferguson Chatter   Ferguson Chatter EmptyMon Nov 10, 2014 3:31 pm

<trez> they have rolled in 9 heavy armored vehicles and they are at SCOTT AFB with 3 being near the airport
<trez> National Guard is 100% ready and preparing for the weekend and currently at SCOTT AFB
* VinuVici has quit (Quit: Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici)
<trez> Plans for downtown STL are underway as well, they are fearing mass civil unrest to spread in to downtown and other cities
<trez> global hawk will have all coms jamed in ferguson
<trez> 300 homeland SUVs parked in a 3 story underground garage in STL
<trez> conversation taking place online about Ferguson are being monitored by a Fusion Center which is currently acting as a Early Warning Station for Terrorism pertaining to Ferguson
<trez> 24 agencies in total, local police getting orders from federal agencies
<trez> cops and federal agencies have over 100+ rooms at the hilton reserved from friday 14th-16th

<CaLLSTaCK> +Millitary Base named Fort Riley in Kansas is where National Guard along with other agencies have been training and going over actions designed for mass +civil unrest in Ferguson and have actively training in 2 week programs for the last 1.5 months, after completion of training they are being sent to wait in Fort Leanordwood, Missouri
<CaLLSTaCK> +Mconnel Air Force Base in Kansas is where the armored vehicles came from which is why we spotted the convoy of them near Salina, Kansas
<CaLLSTaCK> +North Group Grumman is the contractor hiring IT for Scott AFB, we have contacts on the inside telling us Alert status has been in affect this week for Ferguson as they are finishing their training in Kansas, and that they are prepared for the weekend of the 14th-16th
<CaLLSTaCK> +St. Louis School District has requested the announcement come at the end of the week after the schools are cleared
<CaLLSTaCK> +24 agencies (non national guard) (think fbi, cia, fema, etc..) along with 247 SUvs belonging to Homeland Security are being housed at St. Louis Terrorism Early Warning group, 7900 Forsyth BLVD. St. Louis, Missouri 63105 - 314-615-4839 info@stlew (this location also has a 3 story underground garage)
<CaLLSTaCK> +23k has been spent on non lethal weaponry 17k of that from a federal grant
<CaLLSTaCK> +Cyber Security experts will be on the ground in ferg assisting police (whom are taking orders from federal agencies) by hacking or stopping electronic devices that the global hawk doesn't affect (ham, frs)
<CaLLSTaCK> +Expect multiple strategic police lines, and street closures in and around ferguson with no travel allowed in
<CaLLSTaCK> +Black hawk helicopter is parked at Lambert Airport in STL

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Ferguson Chatter
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