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 Meet Edward, Dimitri and somtimes Victoria

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PostSubject: Meet Edward, Dimitri and somtimes Victoria   Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:18 pm

More to come....

Their names are Edward, Dimitri and Victoria

They stream live to this site http://dobreyshey.com/ where people donate money to them for getting drunk on live stream. They use this money to buy more vodka to do it all over again.

They are in Russia and speak Russian.


I found a guy from Moscow Russia to help translate to me

ShaneShane Vodka run?

MG07 Yes!

MG07 Фантастическая Виктория!

MG07 Только умеет на жалость сучка давить. Да знаю я тебя мразота, кто ты такая, за последнее время ты себя отлично показала.

MG07 Ну конечно, правда гложет

ShaneShane MG - you speak their language?

MG07 Yes

MG07 They themselves with St. Petersburg

ShaneShane Do they know we watching?

MG07 Know, but then do not read the chat

ShaneShane what are they doing? Why are they on camera broadcasting to the world?

MG07 Drink vodka every day. During the broadcast receive money from the audience and buy alcohol. And so constantly.

ShaneShane All we know in America is they drink aot and are funny as hell.

MG07 I do not know what AOT

ShaneShane meant alot

MG07 I myself with Moscow and poorly know English

MG07 And in America drink a lot of vodka?

ShaneShane No - not a lot. People mostly drink beer. What they drink in a day would kill most of us.

MG07 Дима - заткнись! Хватит указывать

MG07 Командир Шутко блин

MG07 These people drink vodka over 8 years. On the day can drink 2-3 bottles

ShaneShane They speaking Russian, Ukrainian, or Czech?

ShaneShane 12 shots - most Americans would be out.

MG07 Always speak only Russian

MG07 This chat is they do not read, they are here www.dobreyshey.com

MG07 they are here, but there's Russian-speaking users

MG07 Alcohol - a scourge we have already

ShaneShane Do they read the chat there?

MG07 They read the chat on the site, which is written above

ShaneShane What is their names - what would we call them in English?

MG07 Their name - Edward, Dimitri, Victoria. Now the camera Edward
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Edward, Dimitri and somtimes Victoria   Sat Nov 15, 2014 3:02 pm

Привет из питера америкашки!!! afro что-то не активная у вас дискуссия,скучно у вас здесь.
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Meet Edward, Dimitri and somtimes Victoria
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