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 Famous excerpts from BO0GIEREM - RAW & unedited!

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Famous excerpts from BO0GIEREM - RAW & unedited! Empty
PostSubject: Famous excerpts from BO0GIEREM - RAW & unedited!   Famous excerpts from BO0GIEREM - RAW & unedited! EmptySun Nov 02, 2014 9:27 pm

BO0GIEREM you should see the things i cant say

BO0GIEREM may the bird of paridise fly up your knows before the great peace pokes your eye with one longer fingre

BO0GIEREM thats really your head pls dont rent it

BO0GIEREM i learn the vowels
BO0GIEREM a e i o u n sometimes why

BO0GIEREM hands up no spitn i not moving from the behides towards the hole

BO0GIEREM car was hit by a greased elaphant but the airbag saved truck before it cloud start

BO0GIEREM when you eat your smartys do you eat the red ones last

BO0GIEREM the wheel of moral did not sqeak enfuu in intrest needs for they where poor without inflated tire

BO0GIEREM if could see all the donkeys no wearing unicorn horn would hims take cap off

BO0GIEREM conseses 12 blind leading 12 deaf to winner roast but was only hamburger lots relese tho  

BO0GIEREM did you know the mild cow was a epic fall because it time it needed to refuel it was left titz up and exposed
BO0GIEREM odd fact

BO0GIEREM no chat boxing pls

BO0GIEREM is like a round peg in square box

BO0GIEREM dont lick the back of the stamp
BO0GIEREM o not even sure who to excuse when i burp no more

BO0GIEREM twiiter birds pluck with magic marker felt feeling goose bumps for all

BO0GIEREM DO NoT LiCk The WiNDoW LiNk At 0NW MiNd welcome

BO0GIEREM ask hims if he still moving forwards from his behides towards the hole ...

BO0GIEREM i not playing cut the worm in half

BO0GIEREM how do you hold your linker

BO0GIEREM toast peanut butter and onion

BO0GIEREM like a petting zoo
BO0GIEREM than shut the gates fast

BO0GIEREM sent rubber boots and shovels golden bully got way obamas in disney

BO0GIEREM no eattn apple's thro the picket fenece pls

BO0GIEREM if you put an onion in each pocket and wear pork rind leckless
BO0GIEREM it helps dem cry

BO0GIEREM shave the whales

BO0GIEREM my phone calls me batman

BO0GIEREM i should make a widget and and seek hell phone tag game
BO0GIEREM who's it

BO0GIEREM may the great peace poke your eye pitty inst it fork with soup

BO0GIEREM i wonder what borat would do with hell phone and a bat moble

BO0GIEREM learn why the milk cow was epic fall

BO0GIEREM juice pack and cheese pie rotate the table legg

BO0GIEREM a jump torjan hbbie horse with magic markers felting feelings

BO0GIEREM brough back with out the string in belly of the whale

BO0GIEREM all wrapped up in fairygodmother string

BO0GIEREM after freedom of donkey island

BO0GIEREM i still think we should debait pinocheo

BO0GIEREM i would pay for pic of roster rev man on golden bully in rubber boots

BO0GIEREM is like the new pokadot door

BO0GIEREM they would really read what i could not say twice

BO0GIEREM the yeast infection bakers rise act

BO0GIEREM the canabels said send more clowns them taste funny even with out the paint

BO0GIEREM no matter them read what i cant say twice lol

BO0GIEREM i dont think i ever head the real words to this song

BO0GIEREM i had a little chicken and it wouldnt lay an egg
BO0GIEREM soo i pored hot water and and down its leg
BO0GIEREM the little chicken cryd and the little chicken begged
BO0GIEREM and the little chicken laid a hard boiled egg

BO0GIEREM long as the waters wet you can put it in a cup

BO0GIEREM i scream hack saw jimdign at end of mine

BO0GIEREM the marbel slab of intresting needy death
BO0GIEREM where the great peace is poking eyes
BO0GIEREM to see who has longer fingre

BO0GIEREM if look close can see elaphant hat in room beside pin button cam

BO0GIEREM is like vote i only get icecream
BO0GIEREM my icecream is dripp why cant i vote pie
BO0GIEREM i lost my icecream Wink

BO0GIEREM mathmarics is great
BO0GIEREM even better than my spelling lol

BO0GIEREM tell hims pull my fingre

BO0GIEREM we can if we what to na na boo boo

BO0GIEREM if you drop your soap in soup # 5 wash eyes

BO0GIEREM shave my eyebrows off and call me mr noddles

BO0GIEREM idk i hope them sorted out if they coming or going torwards the hole

BO0GIEREM drop the game face time for goal masks
BO0GIEREM and keep your stick on your ice ♥️

BO0GIEREM the anounymouse nothing none whole as one it done f b i said so  lmao

BO0GIEREM i can look on 2 oggle but have hard time hearing it

BO0GIEREM stop and look for excellent subjection before moving forwards form behides best to cover asshats

BO0GIEREM remember when them lost ball after winning baseball game/ then did not even relize them where playing in same feild

BO0GIEREM same one take controll the water gardner

BO0GIEREM the dogs need one dem scratch and scrub phone widgets

BO0GIEREM angryegg  wery bad smell

BO0GIEREM  idk if them eyes hears mouth ignorant to moral have can only try to get them to pull sorter fingre o0

BO0GIEREM you thing them can still smell

BO0GIEREM all seeing one eye all hearing one ear òó¬

BO0GIEREM i wearing saftey glass now  the great peace keeps poking same eye

BO0GIEREM lota peep got ther tounge stuck in the voting machines

BO0GIEREM it is  true fat between the ears is hardest to loss

BO0GIEREM i nonly rent this head for the weak endz

BO0GIEREM who fed who

BO0GIEREM did i tell you about my raciss dog spot
BO0GIEREM him dont like pokeadot dogs

BO0GIEREM magic marker felt feeling hi liteing goose bump naked birds cold spam

BO0GIEREM the wax fruit display is dripping into streets of straggle

BO0GIEREM ramdom typing at alfred hitch cock birds

BO0GIERER dream vision w0o0wo ro 0rou o0 o

BO0GIEREM better movement bran muffin for all

BO0GIEREM !i excuse your dream burp the intrest need

BO0GIEREM no matter same feather chit twiggs nest

BO0GIERER if a hen and a half laid an egg each day and a half how long would take for dozon eggs to tweet

BO0GIEREM did you rent your head or it that an 8 track button

BO0GIEREM i got bad luck on name
BO0GIEREM them always taken

BO0GIEREM and dont try run up ladder with one hand tied

BO0GIEREM with all seeing one eye hearing one ears speachless

BO0GIEREM a bird moving forwards from the behide

BO0GIEREM tell nsa it was pointy one end low splash one flush

ustreamer-37391 i have to watch the 21 gun solute 3 times

ustreamer-37391 yep my sea monkey not work also

ustreamer-37391 my gerbel likes jumping beans

ustreamer-37391 if a hen and a half laid an egg and a half in a day and i half how long fora dozen

ustreamer-7525 first fleet held there items nice and called it freedom lines

ustreamer-7525 avon with steel toe boots o0

anonymous-380 have you ever seen a torjan arshole for a hobby horses dream need

i was lost in detorit for 14 hours
i seen peeps tipping cars taken wheel
with cars occupyd
many where group 2 us
dem was calln on me tuna fish
biggest black police i evenb seen came
ask if we stayn
i told hims have to waitn boat ,,,
hims asked if i was armed
i told him no ...
he gave me dirrection to gun store n left
i was sure all that save my tuna behide
was i had to slap friend ...
tell hims shut it we dont have a smoke ...
than keep hand in pocket holding smoke
read to swimm back
i was going throw smokes on them swim idk
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Famous excerpts from BO0GIEREM - RAW & unedited!
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