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 globalrevolution chat

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PostSubject: globalrevolution chat   Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:37 pm

RisePDX: we cant live better than this

RisePDX: we have it all

RisePDX: when the master is sick we are sick

RisePDX: etc etc

RisePDX: the field slaves (us)

OccuPieczenik : get to eat from the master's plate

RisePDX: tell them... lets go lets escape the master and live free

RisePDX: and they say

Trisha_Muh_Lish: you Obomber is the WORST Prz in the history of the c ountry

RisePDX: no we love our house

RisePDX: and our clothes

RisePDX: and our food

Trisha_Muh_Lish: and our car

RisePDX: its brilliant!!! malcolm x rocks

OccuPieczenik : malcolm was so heavy.  now he FREAKED OUT the establishment

OccuPieczenik : so articulate and not going to be a victim anymore

Trisha_Muh_Lish: The New Panthers are out again

OccuPieczenik : that PISSES OFF the ptb

Trisha_Muh_Lish: what's the ptb?

OccuPieczenik : powers that be

Trisha_Muh_Lish: oh ok thanks now I have a new one lo

Trisha_Muh_Lish: lol

OccuPieczenik : some say tptb

OccuPieczenik : but i like the ptb

Trisha_Muh_Lish: I see the pic of Obomber in upper left and it say peace I think it should be "peace of sh it!" hahaha

Trisha_Muh_Lish: Sorry I have lost all respect for this country

OccuPieczenik : you mean the govt or what exactly?

Trisha_Muh_Lish: the Prz and all the way down

OccuPieczenik : i do not acknowledge the moral authority of the governement for sure

Trisha_Muh_Lish: I think the whole system is broken and needs to be brought to it' knees

RisePDX: obama is a peace of poop great point!

RisePDX: thanks for the tweet

Trisha_Muh_Lish: He really is!

OccuPieczenik : it is certainly rotten to the core that's more than obvious

OccuPieczenik : a Nobel Peace of Shtt

RisePDX: Revolution Now! ‏@RisePDX  · now  @BarackObama is a #Peace of poop

RisePDX: =)

Trisha_Muh_Lish: hahaha! Let's make it trend!

OccuPieczenik : he's incompetent and nowhere near qualified to be the leader of a country, even if you did like him.  he's an amateur.  that too is so obvious after these years

RisePDX: i just hope it gets me on the kill list

Trisha_Muh_Lish: Rise why do you keep saying that?

RisePDX: he vacations golfs and plays basketball more than he does anything else

RisePDX: its my mission trisha

OccuPieczenik : president has an executive "kill list"

RisePDX: im goin gto make obamas kill list if its the last thing i do

RisePDX: =)

Trisha_Muh_Lish: your mission? why?

RisePDX: its the prinicple of it

Trisha_Muh_Lish: principle?

OccuPieczenik : he literally stopped playing golf at martha's vineyard to give a 10 minute "address" about ferguson

RisePDX: yes you know he has a kill list right?

Trisha_Muh_Lish: of course he does!

RisePDX: he has meetings every tuesday to decide who dies

RisePDX: via drone etc

RisePDX: he is judge jury executioner

Trisha_Muh_Lish: here?

OccuPieczenik : barak obomba is certainly a house negro, as malcolm x put it

RisePDX: ofc he involves military experts etc and lets them speak all they know

OccuPieczenik : malcolm x would say that very thing today were he alive

RisePDX: but he is the "decider"

Trisha_Muh_Lish: as long as they don't get out of line i"m sure

RisePDX: so my form of protest i decided on for my personal goal is to make his kill list

RisePDX: peacefully of course

RisePDX: i feel its the best form of protest

RisePDX: for me

Trisha_Muh_Lish: yeah I can understand that----do you think you will be really killed?

RisePDX: well if i do my protest will be very successful i think

OccuPieczenik : how sick is it to have to say that government intrusion has gotten WORSE in the last 10 years

OccuPieczenik : CHANGE

Trisha_Muh_Lish: it certainly would be Rise! You are one of the premier people in this movement

Trisha_Muh_Lish: It would be all over everywhere if that happened to you!


RisePDX: nothiefs would say i deserved it

Trisha_Muh_Lish: that fukker is a dumbarse

RisePDX: he calls bassem america's #1 wanted terrorist

Trisha_Muh_Lish: you gotta be kidding me

RisePDX: more than once

RisePDX: he said it in a stream like 10 times

RisePDX: just one stream

Trisha_Muh_Lish: that just totally sucks

Trisha_Muh_Lish: i know everytime I go on a stream there he is

OccuPieczenik : that's childish.  we all know dick cheney is america's no.1 terrorist

OccuPieczenik : or ronald dumsfeld

Trisha_Muh_Lish: and he comes in with a crowd that follows him

OccuPieczenik : does he come in here???

Trisha_Muh_Lish: hahaha!! ronald dumsfeld!

Trisha_Muh_Lish: Occu he doesnt get in here

RisePDX: he called the cops and gave them the link to bassem being upset about another killing

OccuPieczenik : LMAO

RisePDX: then talks for hours about how he is gulity and they should arrest him

OccuPieczenik : rise, you know what i'm gonna say

OccuPieczenik : im not even gonna say it

Trisha_Muh_Lish: wow! He's dangerous then

RisePDX: hehe

OccuPieczenik : dont say it hehe

RisePDX: yes trish

Trisha_Muh_Lish: fukker!

OccuPieczenik : he's a sad person truly

Trisha_Muh_Lish: I wish I could permaban him for life---everywhere

RisePDX: i dont understand how he doesnt understand what bassem said wasnt illegal

Trisha_Muh_Lish: sad? I have no sympathy for theif

OccuPieczenik : i mean pathetic

RisePDX: and that the reason why he said it is because he was upset they killed yet another kid

RisePDX: he wouldnt really carry it out

OccuPieczenik : he's lost and he's driven by some sick motivations for sure

RisePDX: i think he is FBI

RisePDX: which is really sad

Trisha_Muh_Lish: Rise I agree with you!

RisePDX: we have literally devolved to this point and this is who is in charge

RisePDX: i just dont know what to say at this point about it all

OccuPieczenik : you dont think he's just a dude who likes to "monitor" the interwebz?

RisePDX: no

Trisha_Muh_Lish: no

RisePDX: i think he is FBI trying to incite people into violence against him or others

RisePDX: or the police...

OccuPieczenik : or at least an asset yeah

RisePDX: it has a #Westboro feel to is

RisePDX: it

Trisha_Muh_Lish: I think he is definitely some govt op or whatever

OccuPieczenik : probably contracted out

RisePDX: yeah probably not fbi exactly but they are behind it

RisePDX: i bet your right a private contractor

OccuPieczenik : he doesn't seem to be truly smart enough to be an actual "agent" in the bureau

OccuPieczenik : yes

RisePDX: well they have the dumb dept

RisePDX: to send on "particular" assignments

Trisha_Muh_Lish: right

OccuPieczenik : real agents are trained at langley etc

OccuPieczenik : he's an 'asset' in the field

Trisha_Muh_Lish: not this one

Trisha_Muh_Lish: he an *** Hat in the field

Trisha_Muh_Lish: arse hat

OccuPieczenik : HAHA AN ASSSHAT

Trisha_Muh_Lish: yup

Trisha_Muh_Lish: Occu,, have you seen him around much?

OccuPieczenik : just whatever he does on his stupid little channel

OccuPieczenik : ive seen and heard about all the shenanigans

Trisha_Muh_Lish: like on livestream when Z and Stacks are streaming? Or on Ustream?

Trisha_Muh_Lish: on the chat

OccuPieczenik : on his ustream when he's doing his vids

Trisha_Muh_Lish: AssssHat?

Trisha_Muh_Lish: oh my bf just got dinner ready

Trisha_Muh_Lish: I have to get off here for a little

Trisha_Muh_Lish: I'll bbl though

Trisha_Muh_Lish: peace and much love to you and to Rise and thanks for the convo <3

OccuPieczenik : u2

Trisha_Muh_Lish: thnx

HoodiesUPMasksON: its low self esteem

HoodiesUPMasksON: Maslow's hierarchy of needs not being met

HoodiesUPMasksON: so he is trying to find father figure by approval seeking behavior from the

HoodiesUPMasksON: totally sick

HoodiesUPMasksON: prolly compensating for small peeniss

HoodiesUPMasksON: he is overweight

HoodiesUPMasksON: I can nearly bet he does not have an attractive gf too

HoodiesUPMasksON: prolly has bunch of cop pics under his pillow

HoodiesUPMasksON: nothief

OccuPieczenik: good point about Maslow

OccuPieczenik: he's surely trying to over compensate for something missing

RisePDX: hahah cop pics under the pillow


RisePDX: hahahhaa

RisePDX: thanks for the tweet

OccuPieczenik: when you're at the top of Maslow's heirarchy, you are self-realized and do not seek approval from anyone etc

RisePDX: haha nsa blocking this tweet

RisePDX: do yo usee it hoodies?

RisePDX: MariaChappelleNadal @MariaChappelleN     ·   7h  7 hours ago   Very thankful to @DaveChappelle for coming to #Ferguson!

mistergibson: good evening

Plasmadyne: How goes the rEvolution?
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globalrevolution chat
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