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 Undercover ATF agents shoot at vehicle in Ferguson apartment complex

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PostSubject: Undercover ATF agents shoot at vehicle in Ferguson apartment complex   Sat Oct 18, 2014 2:06 pm

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Shots were fired by federal agents but no one was struck by a bullet during an afternoon confrontation in Ferguson. A fortunate fact since many children had the day off from school.
It happened at the Park Ridge Apartments where last week a man was shot and killed not far from a storefront used by a state senator and a St. Louis city alderman to register voters.

A blue Chevy and an apartment were under surveillance by federal ATF agents in the middle of the Park Ridge apartments just a block from West Florissant in Ferguson.

“We identified ourselves as law enforcement officers and the suspects then rammed one of the agent’s vehicles at which time our agents had no choice but to fire at the vehicle. Nobody inside the vehicle was struck.” said ATF public information officer John Ham.

According to the ATF spokesman, one of three suspects taken into custody was struck by glass when a bullet struck the car windshield.

One of the residents at Park Ridge Apartments had a front row seat to what happened.

“I heard the gunshots first and they sounded like they were right at my back window. So when I heard the gunshots I just dove to the floor and crawling around in my house. Everybody okay, everybody okay. From room to room .” said resident Tilishia Carson.

Outside Tilishia Carson saw her upstairs neighbor in police custody.

“He was already subdued, in a little zip lock, little zip ties. I guess that’s what they call them. Laying on his belly flat and there was two cops with knees on his back. There was another cop that kicked him in the mouth while he was already down.” said resident Tilishia Carson.

The ATF spokesman tells says the guns, both long guns and hand guns, that had been stolen from the gun shop were recovered from the suspect’s car.
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Undercover ATF agents shoot at vehicle in Ferguson apartment complex
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